Mile High Fun With Dr.Tool & Co.

Come gather round children where ever you roam!  Man!  I am still amazed at how great the Mile High Music Festival was this year!  The Beer Man and Dr. Tool & Co. made what Dr. Tool called a Surgical strike on Saturday of the Denver festival (after all he is a Doctor) and we have no regrets!  The line-up was a bit of a mix of dark and light, Tool and Widespread Panic, Incubus and Ben Harper, The Black Keys and Rail Road Earth, you get the picture.  With a show like that we knew we were in for an interesting people watching day if nothing else!  Always interesting to see how the dark heavy crowd and the light hippie crowd mix together, and it turned out to be kind of like a black and tan (dark and light mixed perfectly together to make a great experience!  This is a beer blog so I had to get a beer ref in somehow) 

The day started off in OKC and a flight to Denver arriving at 9am.  Since none of us had bags we decided to hit the Boulder Beer Co Bar in the airport of course!  Four beers later we felt loose enough to make the trip to our hotel and drop our bags.  We started heading for the festival at about 11:30am.  We caught a cab to the show and it instantly got fun!  Here is how the conversation went:

Dr. Tool to Cabbie:  Hey!  How is it going?

Cabbie to Dr. Tool:  Fine, thank you!

The Beer Man notices that there is a jazz pianist playing on the radio, thinks it sounds like Duke Ellington.

The Beer Man to Cabbie:  Is this Duke Ellington?

Cabbie to The Beer Man:  No, this is a 2000 Chevy

The Beer Man and Dr. Tool & Co. all try to hold in laughter…Unsuccessfully

So with that to start us off we walked the mile from the cab drop point to the entrance and looked for some good beer and food.  We found Budweiser and a hamburger.  The hamburger was good.  So after we accepted the fact that we would be drinking Bud all day we moved on to the shows! 

It was great music for those large well known bands but we were really impressed with the lesser known groups Rocco Deluca, Gomez, RailRoad Earth and Paolo Nutini.  So go out and find them, listen and enjoy!

We spent 14 hours of drinking beer and listening to great music (needless to say we were all a bit delirious in the cab ride back to the hotel), and lived to get up at 5am for a 7am flight back home!  We will be back next year, hope to see you and better beer there!

Shine on you crazy diamonds!



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  1. The_Beer_Men

    Just getting around to reading this post! Ha! Good one, Beer Man! But remember, some of those bands are only lesser known to YOU – if you would listen to your wife’s music more often maybe you would be more familiar with such great tunes! (hint hint)

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