Fly the COOP!

Well, we had a great opportunity to take a tour of the COOP Ale Works the other day and let me tell you, well done gentlemen!   Oklahoma City should welcome them with open arms and from the looks of it, it is!  Take a look at your favorite local establishment and you will probably notice a new pull to the line-up.  (If you need directions go to ) COOP offers a range of beers that will enable anyone to find a favorite, including Native Amber, Zeppelin Hef, Gran Sport Porter, Horny Toad, and the high octane DNR.  They also have a Marzen (Oktoberfest) coming out that we had the privilege of doing some quality control on in the QC Room.  So here is a quick overview of their brews.  Native Amber is a well balanced amber, which is tough to do.  Try adding a bunch of hops and a bunch of malt and then get it to balance out with 6.3% ABV, never mind, they already did it!  The Zepp is a Hefeweizen for both people (those that like wheats and those that do not, and it helps out that is 5.6% ABV).  The Horny Toad is a beer for those that think they only like a light beer, but please do not expect a Corona or any other Mexican beer, and please do not put a lime in it.  If you like a porter or a stout go with the Gran Sport, you will love it!  Now for the big guy, the DNR.  At 10% ABV this is one you could store for a year and let it age, or, if you are like me, you would drink it immediately!  This is a big Belgian style ale, complex, and drinkable.  I would recommend drinking it slow so you can get the full effect of the aromas that come out as it begins to warm.  Please enjoy as often as you like, as unlike most complex beers, this is one you can enjoy one after another, but remember, it is 10% ABV!

Well done COOP, Well done!




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2 responses to “Fly the COOP!

  1. Looks like you are a real professional. Did you study about the topic? haha

    • thebeermen

      Um, yes, we drank, er, “studied” many of their beers, and often. We are real semi-pro drinkers! Ha! Thanks for Reading!

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