Fathers Day Brew

We had a very special brewing opportunity in June.  This was our first fathers day as dads, so we decided to celebrate by having our fathers in for a special brewing day.  The beer we chose, well the lawn mower beer of course (Kolsch) in honor of the men that have been behind the mowers for years.  During the day we tapped our 5 gal of Hef that we just finished (by the way we ran out that night).  Of course we were excited about the beer, sharing the brewing process with our dads, and drinking beer, but the greatest part of the day was the time we spent together with our Pops, just sitting there drinking and talking.  Sometimes we forget the simple act of communicating by having a conversation with someone by means other than email, Facebook, and with more that 140 characters.    So the moral of this story, brew a Kolsch, oh, wait, no that is not it!  Go talk to your Dad!  That’s it! 

Thanks Dad!

J and E

PS- Since we are a little slow at the post, we have taped the Kolsch and it actually worked!  Yes we were kind of surprised for two reasons 1) It was our first attempted at a Lager so there were some questions and 2) The fact that we finished a keg while we brewed left us wondering if we had the right times, temps, additions etc.  But hell it looks like we are just that good, or lucky!


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