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Oklahoma Beer? Yep, and these two are good!

I have to say that it is about time we in Oklahoma had some good craft beer brewed in the state!  And we now have at least two breweries doing just that.  Marshall Brewing Company ( http://www.marshallbrewing.com ) out of Tulsa and Choc  ( http://www.chocbeer.com )out of Krebs (yes Krebs, look it up, and if you don’t find it, well, just trust me it is there.  Google Pete’s Place) are both brewing some good and different stuff.  

This weekend I purchased the three Marshall beers I could find at Cellars down the road, Atlas IPA (6.5 ABV), McNellie’s Pub Ale (5 ABV), and Sundown Wheat.  Had them all!  The Pub Ale is the go to for someone wanting to enjoy an evening of drinking, great balance and flavor that keeps you coming back for more.  The Sundown Wheat is a mix of American Wheat and Belgium Wit, so it is wheaty with a bit of spice and a must have during the hot Oklahoma summers.  I must say that at first drink the Atlas seems a bit more earthy than one would normally find in an IPA.  Usually one prepares for a big blast of hops in an IPA, and this one has the hops, they are just well balanced and not as overpowering as some might find in other beers.  At first I was taken aback by that and even commented to the other beer man about it, but then I drank on and enjoyed the beer so much that I will have it stocked in the beer fridge year round along with the Pub Ale and the Sundown Wheat.  Great Work Marshall!

On to Choc.  For those that are not familiar with the Choc line of beer, get familiar with it!  They have a great story and seem to have been around awhile, they have a line of standard issues such as the Basement Batch Pale Ale, 1919 classic Choc (which is a wheat), Waving Wheat Belgian style wheat, Miner Mishap Black German Schwarzbier, Pietro Piegari American Amber, and The Last Laugh American White Ale.  If you noticed a wheat theme you should, it is Oklahoma, Wheat is in the state song!  They are also trying their hand at a few signature beers.  I picked up the new Last Laugh, a signature Belgian Double and Belgian Amber, as well as their Specialty beer a German Style Hef, Kuehner Weiss.  I do have to say that I do enjoy the other beers from this brewery so thought I would enjoy these new adventures just as much, and for the most part I did.  The Last Laugh was a great addition to their wheat line-up.  It combined well the Belgian and American styles, pick up one or six when you can!   The German Hef was tasty and had good flavor, you might expect them to do well with a Hef since they do such a great job on wheat beers.  The Belgian Double was very good well balanced, good flavor, and texture.  My disappointment came in the Belgian Amber, a style they attempted to make by mixing two different styles and they should have left them alone.  It just fell flat for me, missed any texture, had a very distinct Belgian taste but seems to me a little wanting for something like body. But that is me and you might enjoy it.  They do say it is a twofold experiment on their website, and I do have to say that I applaud them for attempting something new! 

I have found a new brewery in OKC and we are looking forward to try COOP!

And they kept on Dancing!



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