Grateful Brew

As some of you have read on Twitter, I attended a Dead show in Chicago (Rosemont) this week, and one of the best shows I have ever experienced!  Two events stuck out in my mind, and maybe, just maybe some others that were there will let me know their version.

The Lot

Well, for all those who have been to a Grateful Dead show knows that the Parking lot has a few things going on in it pre and post show.  Now, you can probably find whatever you want to find out there from a Veggie Burrito to a hand carved bust of Jerry Garcia, but I look for the craft beer.  Many stations have coolers of beer for a buck or two, and you can usually find some good stuff around there.  As a matter of fact I found myself, after a few many beers, with three open beers and buying more!  I finally stopped when I bent down and spilled the one I was holding against my side down my arm!  But I had collected a Bell’s Amber, Two-Brothers Bitter End, and a Fat Tire.  (Spilled the Fat Tire down my arm, dang!)  The bad thing is the bathrooms are few and far between, so into the show we went!

The Show

Once inside the show, the beer selection is very reduced by comparison to the parking lot.  The good thing was I could find some Goose Island product in there, the bad thing, it was $12 a beer (24 oz).  Needless to say, I drank a few of those, and even made some guy’s night by getting him a couple!  I hope that comes back to me at some point!  So, guy if you are out there and read this, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed giving it to you!  And if someone else feels like buying me a beer or two for Karma sake, well, thanks in advance!


Gratefully Yours,




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