Barleywine Night!

Someone on twitter (@BrockAlanTaylor ) ask me what Barleywine I liked, which reminded me how much I enjoyed the Barleywine style!  So, since it was a cold Friday night with some rain, which means that I was inside with our 5 month old, I went to the beer fridge to see what I could find.  And behold!  I had a Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 08 and an Avery Hog Heaven!  Talk about a great find!  

Both of course were great, and the Bigfoot 08 had a little something extra on it it seemed.  Think it got a bit stronger over the year in the fridge!  Which was not a bad thing, it did, however, make me drink it a bit slower.  The Avery Hog was fantastic!  Again with something up around 9-10% you don’t want to slam it down, and you probably should not go out and drive after drinking both that is for sure!  

Being in the same style, which does not always mean much in the beer world, these two actually were close to each other in color, aroma, and taste.  Both were a reddish brown, I think they call it garnet(?), with a clear hop nose that balanced well with the malt, fruit, and the alcohol (After all, these are Barleywines and are on the top end of the ABV chart, and you can put these bad boys away for up to three years to mature! Don’t try that with all beers!)  But seriously, don’t drink this out of the bottle please, get a glass so you can enjoy the aroma and the color!  Not many beers out there that are this much of a sensory blast so enjoy!


Drink well,



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